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Dear All,

I believe we can support this statement. Please comment.



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Dear all,

Following the discussion on the current draft resolution on URIs for
Museum Objects / Linked Open Data in the CIDOC Forum here is a proposal
for an alternative approach which I just posted to the forum.

"Statement on Cultural Resources in Digital Environments" - see attached
version 1 as drafted by me and Richard.

- There seems to be consensus about the need of guidance for the museum
community in the field of Linked Open Data and the issuing of URIs for
museum objects.
- An ICOM resolution aims at a general public and should be written in
an as much as possible non-technical and non-exclusive language. We
tried to tackle this with a more condensed text along the lines of the
Linked Open Data principles.
- Several CIDOC Working Groups are engaging in the LOD field from
various perspectives - CRM-SIG, Co-reference, Documentation Standards,
Data Harvesting and Interchange, Transdisciplinary Approaches. The
resolution text should therefore just point to CIDOC's work in the field
so that each WG's results can be considered.

Please comment in the forum!
There is the word version posted as well to be edited!


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