[Crm-sig] Helsinki, June 9 Meeting, agenda

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Wed May 2 18:39:20 EEST 2012

Dear all,

The Conceptual Reference Model Special Interest Group

will meet before the CIDOC 2012 conference on Saturday, June 9 at the 
Design Museum from 10 -- 17.
In addition, there will be a full day workshop on Sunday, June 10.
Meeting time during the conference will be announced later.

The Meeting on June 9 will be devoted to the following topics:

a) Mapping experience: More and more groups world-wide work on mappings 
to the CRM.
This requires considerable experience in interpreting 
discipline-specific metadata constructs,
from which other partners could learn. Further, there are issues of 
mapping policies depending
on the availability of RDF reasoning components or not, and global 
harmonization issues of
interpretation and reinterpretation of typical discipline-specific 
constructs. Finally, there are
questions of URI generation policies, which may change more rapidly that 
interpretation issues.
For all this, CRM-SIG intends to foster the development of a method and 
good practice of
presenting schema matching information in a form comprehensible to the 
non-IT expert and
initiating global discussions on best practices.

b) Querying the semantic network: The CIDOC CRM has the optimal 
complexity to allow for
rich and precise data integration and deductions based on its concepts. 
A naive question such
as "anything from New Guinea"  requires however some skills and 
experience to be formulated
in SPARQL, and knowledge of curatorial practice. We therefore propose 
the definition of complex
deductions implementing such "simple" questions, rather than creating 
fuzzy metadata. We have shown
that this can be very effective 
Therefore we would like include feedback from
a wider audience to develop optimal "simple questions" on top of a smart 
CRM network.

c) Meeting with Finnish and Scandinavian archive experts interested in 
continuing the harmonization efforts
of archival models with FRBR-CRM>

All CIDOC members are welcome to participate and get acquainted with our 
working group, regardless of
whether they feel to be experts in the topics.

Please let me know if there is interest in any other topic.

Looking forward to meet you in Helsinki,



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