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Dear all,

this approach was originated by Bernhard Schiemann of the Erlangen CRM Team and has been discussed in May 2009 (see http://lists.ics.forth.gr/pipermail/crm-sig/2009-May/001355.html). The attachment of this mail is also available at http://erlangen-crm.org/documentation ("Proposal of a E52 Time-Span extension").

In 2009 we implemented this proposal as an "add-on" to the ECRM, which is still available at http://erlangen-crm.org/onto/addons/ecrm-tq_091202.owl . Later (in 2010) we decided to strip this add-on and leave it to the users to extend the ECRM in the way they need it. Since it is "best practice" to extend an ontology by creating subclasses and -properties, Vladimirs approach seems to me a good way to add P81a and P82a to the recent version of the ECRM.

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> P81a/b and P82a/b 

I made this in Nov 2011, see attached. It's for ECRM.
Compared to Martin's proposal, I use long prop names, e.g.

Cheers! V

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