[Crm-sig] ISSUE: P55 should have domain E18 Physical Thing

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Mar 5 18:47:12 EET 2012

Dear Vladimir,

P53 is not a "permanent" location, it is any location the thing ever 
had, in particular the current one.
Therefore, the place of a feature, which in the museum world does not 
change location (in contrast to the Red Spot
on Jupiter) is completely documented with P53. We know by inference that 
any location is also current.

The scope note of P55 is not by chance: If you have a database or an 
inventory record saying "current location",
it can only be at the time the record was created. It is absolutely 
impossible to conclude from such a statement in
a museum record what holds "at present". How would you do that? I am 
curious if you have a better use case...

A "permanent location" is a location where a thing should normally be. 
In museum practice, this is an administrational
-intentional notion, rather than an observational fact.

Please do not confuse "former OR current" with "former AND current"!

The fact, that a thing may have never changed location ("permanent"), 
would be another property. In CRM, we discourage from such
statements, because this is extremely difficult to be observed and 
typically non-monotonous under additional knowledge.

Kind regards,


On 5/3/2012 4:53 ??, Vladimir Alexiev wrote:
>>> - Currently you can say "E18 Physical Thing. P53 has former or current
>>> location" but not "E18 Physical Thing. P55 has current location".
>>> P55 excludes: Physical Feature, Site, Man-Made Feature,
>>> an-Made Thing, Collection. What is the justification?
>> The idea is that features cannot change location, therefore there is no
>> current location.
> To me this is a bit counter-intuitive: a permanent location is not current? I'd say it's current for eternity :-)
> If that's the reasoning, it should be documented in the scope note of P55.
> Speaking of the scope note of P55, I think "at the time the property was recorded" should be changed to "at present".
> - Since we don't know the time the property was recorded, this makes P55 kind of useless...
> - Whereas "at present" makes P55 quite useful and important.
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