[Crm-sig] Location of inscription

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Thu Mar 1 13:14:19 EET 2012

> I would regard explicit modelling of the Place as an overkill.
> Since it is currently a text field, I'd leave it as a note at the E25. 

Here's a representation that:
- equates inscription (conceptual) and feature (physical); since BM data has
no info distinguishing between the two
- represents the place (section) as a separate node, to distinguish between
the "transcription" and "place" free texts.
- uses rdfs:label instead of extra Apellation nodes

<obj/inscription/1> a crm:E34_Inscription; crm:P65i_is_shown_by <obj>; #
  rdfs:label "[inscription transcription free text]".
<obj/inscription/1> a crm:E25_Man-Made_Feature; crm:P56i_is_found_on <obj>.
# E25(E26)-P56i-E22(E19)
<obj/section/1> a crm:E53_Place crm:P59i_is_located_on_or_within <obj>; #
  rdfs:label "[inscription position free text]".
<obj/inscription/1> crm:P53_has_former_or_current_location <obj/section/1>.
# E25(E18)-P53-E53

(Josh, I sent you a slightly expanded version with pointers to diagrams).

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