[Crm-sig] Bibliographic data in CRM / LIDO - authoritative mappings, help urgently requested

Michael Hopwood michael at editeur.org
Mon Jun 18 19:12:04 EEST 2012

Hello CRM and LIDO experts,

I am working on the final draft of a comprehensive mapping of the ONIX for Books 3.0.1 schema [1] to the LIDO schema [2] in the context of Linked Heritage [3]. For more background on how and why, please refer to EDItEUR's first deliverable in Linked Heritage (which also includes more on ONIX) [4]. The expression of this mapping work is primarily XSLT using the MINT system [5]

Since the best practice in mapping standard data schemas [6] is to get firm agreement or at least assent after clarification from both schema's designers / maintainers, I'd like to ask you urgently for assistance in this effort, especially any or all of these ways:

a)      Contributing authoritative (see above) examples of CIDOC-CRM and/or LIDO data records or sets for bibliographic objects (i.e. books and library catalogue records) (these will be used only for the purpose of understanding the schemas and building the mapping);

b)      Assisting directly with the decisions on semantics, syntax and mapping rules to translate ONIX structures into LIDO (I will supply any necessary explanation of what the ONIX schema says based on EDItEUR's authoritative expertise);

c)       Reviewing and criticising the draft mapping in detail from a CRM/LIDO perspective once it is complete.

The CRM-LIDO mapping at http://www.cidoc-crm.org/crm_mappings.html I did not find very helpful, as it is at a very high level of abstraction; I need some help with both fairly broad semantic categories and some fine details of semantics and (the limits of) expressive syntax (maybe I'm missing something, so I'd be grateful to be shown where!).

Some of the mapping notes and action notes from the UNIMARC (at link above) express the problems I have come across conceptually - e.g.

-          Mapping the "manifestation" class for a generic product as though it were a unique ("representative") item (LIDO)

-          Future or planned events (CRM and LIDO - but is this helped by FRBRoo?)

...and there are some new difficulties that I discovered:

-          "Inscriptions" as printed text on identical, mass-produced products? (CRM and LIDO)

-          Structured text elements of names and titles (LIDO for sure; maybe CRM?)

-          Contact details (LIDO for sure; maybe CRM?)

-          Allowed uses / terms and conditions - i.e. rights and licences (LIDO for sure; maybe CRM?)

-          Almost everything to do with the relationships between, and relative detail needed for an artwork or object as subject of a book vs. the book itself as the artwork (LIDO).

Please feel free to either discuss this request on the list or, I suggest without insisting, contact me directly to discuss the mappings in detail with other interested experts.

Best wishes,



1.       http://www.editeur.org/93/Release-3.0-Downloads/

2.       www.lido-schema.org/<http://www.lido-schema.org/>

3.       http://www.linkedheritage.org/

4.       http://www.linkedheritage.org/getFile.php?id=283

5.       http://mint.image.ece.ntua.gr/redmine/projects/mint/wiki

6.       http://www.doi.org/VMF/documents/VocabularyMappingFrameworkIntroductionV1.0%28091212%29.pdf - see section 1.5 "Authorisation of mappings"

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