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Dear All,

The next CRM-SIG Meeting is Saturday, June 9 at the Design Museum in 
Helsinki from 10 -- 17
Full day workshop on Sunday, June 10.
Meeting times during the CIDOC 2012 conference will be announced later.

This meeting will have as topics:

Meeting with archivists
Mapping experience
Querying CRM networks.
Reporting on theCRM-SIG  activities since last year.

The idea is to get a community feedback on these topics and to attract 
new members to participate in the next meetings.

The date for the following CRM-SIG and FRBR Harmonization Meeting 
converges to November 19-22,
we hope to have the venue fixed in the Netherlands by next week. 
Apologies to all colleagues and
friends that cannot come on these dates.

Tentative agenda:
Reactions to review of FRBRoo 2.0 by IFLA  / finalizing FRBR-Family 

Practice of exchanging mapping experience with the CRM and building of 
good practice.
Querying CRM networks.
Meeting with archivists.




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