[Crm-sig] How to implement CRM Time in RDF

Martin Scholz martin.scholz at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Jul 23 10:26:29 EEST 2012

Dear Vladimir,

the file on the website has been repaired shortly after my post.
You see the new version. It now looks fine for me as well.


Am 20.07.2012 18:10, schrieb Vladimir Alexiev:
>> The encoding is corrupted.
> It’s UTF8 but has no BOM.
>> What is marked as russian labels rather looks like romanian labels
> They are in Russian, but:
> - P81a is ok
> - P81b is awful ("начать в конце"): should be "начало конца"
> - P82a is awful ("начать с начала"): should be "начало начала"
> - P82b is gramatically incorrect ("конец конец"): should be "конец конца"
> Furthermore, I think the only sensible naming variant is the one with English. Numeric properties make it too hard to understand and debug, thus are an impediment to interoperability.
> Some months ago I posted an obvious naming suggestion (in file ecrm_time_spans.rdfs, we work with the ECRM names):
> P81a_end_of_the_begin
> P81b_begin_of_the_end
> P82a_begin_of_the_begin
> P82b_end_of_the_end
> Following the current SIG practice that would be "P81a.end_of_the_begin", but word is that the SIG will move to a naming variant without "." since "." is SPARQL and Turtle unfriendly.
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