[Crm-sig] How to implement CRM Time in RDF

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Fri Jul 20 19:10:11 EEST 2012

> The encoding is corrupted.

It’s UTF8 but has no BOM.

> What is marked as russian labels rather looks like romanian labels

They are in Russian, but:
- P81a is ok
- P81b is awful ("начать в конце"): should be "начало конца"
- P82a is awful ("начать с начала"): should be "начало начала"
- P82b is gramatically incorrect ("конец конец"): should be "конец конца"

Furthermore, I think the only sensible naming variant is the one with English. Numeric properties make it too hard to understand and debug, thus are an impediment to interoperability. 

Some months ago I posted an obvious naming suggestion (in file ecrm_time_spans.rdfs, we work with the ECRM names):

Following the current SIG practice that would be "P81a.end_of_the_begin", but word is that the SIG will move to a naming variant without "." since "." is SPARQL and Turtle unfriendly.

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