[Crm-sig] ISSUE: P62 needs a parent and a sibling

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But the object does not "refer to" the scriptwriter. In fact the link to the
script writer is purely in the documentation of the object. This is the same
as rendering a person as a scriptwriter or architect. They were not born as
scriptwriters or archtitects it was a role they played in particular

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> I think the simple answer is we saw P62 used in actual data models.
> We have not seen the others and so had no justification for creating them.

Are the examples provided sufficient justification?

> The example of the drawing of an actress having further details in 
> unstructured data would need to have a series of intermediary nodes 
> introduced to complete the path to the script writer from the drawing...
> FRBRoo events (for instance the F27 Work Conception...

The structured BM data (table Associated Person) says the physical object is
somehow related to the script writer (who comes from a thesaurus). We cannot
create a precise path involving FRBRoo because the relation is explaned in a
mere note.

> There is no conceivable shortcut that could provide a link directly.

Sure there is: P67a_refers_to that's just like P67 but has physical domain.
We're currently doing:

<obj> P62_depicts <thes/people/Some-Actress>;
   P128_carries <obj/concept>.
<obj/concept> P67_refers_to <thes/people/Some-Script-Writer>.

We'd like to get rid of the parasitic (empty) node <obj/concept> and just do

<obj> P62_depicts <thes/people/Some-Actress>;
  P67a_refers_to <thes/people/Some-Script-Writer>.

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