[Crm-sig] ISSUE: P62 needs a parent and a sibling

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Mon Jul 9 17:25:14 EEST 2012

> I think the simple answer is we saw P62 used in actual data models.
> We have not seen the others and so had no justification for creating them.

Are the examples provided sufficient justification?

> The example of the drawing of an actress having further details in
> unstructured data would need to have a series of intermediary nodes
> introduced to complete the path to the script writer from the drawing...
> FRBRoo events (for instance the F27 Work Conception...

The structured BM data (table Associated Person) says the physical object is somehow related to the script writer (who comes from a thesaurus). We cannot create a precise path involving FRBRoo because the relation is explaned in a mere note.

> There is no conceivable shortcut that could provide a link directly.

Sure there is: P67a_refers_to that's just like P67 but has physical domain.
We're currently doing:

<obj> P62_depicts <thes/people/Some-Actress>;
   P128_carries <obj/concept>.
<obj/concept> P67_refers_to <thes/people/Some-Script-Writer>.

We'd like to get rid of the parasitic (empty) node <obj/concept> and just do this:

<obj> P62_depicts <thes/people/Some-Actress>;
  P67a_refers_to <thes/people/Some-Script-Writer>.

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