[Crm-sig] ISSUE: P62 needs a parent and a sibling

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The example of the drawing of an actress having further details in
unstructured data would need to have a series of intermediary nodes
introduced to complete the path to the script writer from the drawing. There
is no conceivable shortcut that could provide a link directly. What is
interesting is the link between the BM object record (a conceptual object)
and the script writer which also has a number of hidden FRBRoo events (for
instance the F27 Work Conception).

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> Steve is right to ask for some examples 

Yourself and Sebastian gave a couple.
Here's another: drawing of an actress (P138_represents), where the BM data
also mentions the play she's performing (P67_refers_to) and the script
writer (P67_refers_to).

Josh, can you give some more examples from the BM data?
Examples of P67_refers_to or P129_is_about that are not P138_represents.

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