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I agree with Steve. I've struggled to think of any examples that don't constitute the physical object acting as a carrier for a conceptual object. I know the example I suggested for Steve's thinking was a bit obvious, but unless any of Vladimir's examples are radically different then the model seems to be robust in this area.

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Yes this is another inscription (conceptual object) that is carried on the
physical object (the plague). It is the conceptual object that has the
"aboutness" not the plaque.

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On 5 Jul 2012, at 10:59, Stephen Stead wrote:

> Just trying to understand the problem a little more. Could you give a
> couple of examples of the physical object being about a person or
> event where the "aboutness" is not a depiction?

a blue plaque. eg

its about both Dickens and the building to which its attached.

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