[Crm-sig] Modelling commercial "products" within CRM? part ii

Michael Hopwood michael at editeur.org
Tue Jan 31 14:47:09 EET 2012

Hello All again, here is my first follow up to the "products question"...

I'm looking at representing commercial book data within LIDO, a fully CRM-based schema (details here: www.lido-schema.org/).

There are elements within the commercial schema, let's call it A, that can actually contain text directly from the book i.e. "content".

Now according to CRM this is modelled as "inscription":

"The relationship of a physical copy of a book to the text it contains is modelled using E84 Information Carrier. P128 carries (is carried by): E33 Linguistic Object."

Does this mean I can map my content extracts to LIDO: inscriptionTranscription? I can't think what else E33 and/or E34 would be in LIDO. Unfortunately LIDO's spec states that Inscriptions = "A transcription or description of any distinguishing or identifying physical lettering, annotations, texts... excluding any mark or text inherent in the materials of which it is made." Which leave me wondering if the text in a printed book is inherent in the component materials (the printed pages) or added on (during printing) for our purposes?!

Or - is it now a F23 Expression Fragment (which may or may not be the whole text?) - except that the text in the metadata will exclude the design, typography etc... well. Any ideas?



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Dear all,
(1) To answer Michael Hopwood:
Yes, it is quite possible to use a combination of FRBRoo and CIDOC CRM to model commercially available reproductions of unique objects. Possible paths include:


d) Exhibition catalogues and educational DVDs are modelled exactly the same way as any book and any DVD, see FRBRoo.

Best wishes,
Patrick Le Boeuf

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