[Crm-sig] Conceptual model for records and archives management

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Dear All
        Please note that ALM-co-operation and harmonizatin will be a topic        of the CIDOC 2012 conference in Helsinki 10.-14.6.2012. Find one        of the themes below:
        Tuesday 12.6. Cooperation and Exchange
        How Galleries, Archives, Libraries and Museums Cooperate and        Exchange Information
        Key Note Lecture by Patrick Le Boeuf 
        Papers are welcome - there is still time to send in an abstract!        For more information, see www.cidoc2012.fi. Sunday 10.6. is        reserved for workshops. Venues are also available on Saturday        9.6., if there is a special need to meet outside of the conference        programme.
        Best regards,

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Subject: [Crm-sig] Conceptual model for records and archives management

Dear colleagues,
  We are contemplating making a CIDOC CRM compatible conceptual model for 
  records and archives management. The initial idea is that the result 
  would be comparable to FRBRoo. Does anyone know of similar work that is 
  done elsewhere? I have heard some rumours, but found no confirmation 
  that somebody would actually be doing something in this field.
  If you have interest in this project or ideas about it, please let me know.
  Pekka Henttonen
  Mr. Pekka Henttonen
  D.Soc.Sc., Researcher, Director of Degree Programme (INFIM)
  Information Studies and Interactive Media (INFIM)
  School of Information Sciences
  FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
  email pekka.henttonen at uta.fi
  tel. +358 50 440 9645 (mobile)
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