[Crm-sig] [Frbr-crm] Major conference on libraries and the Semantic Web, 26-27 April 2012, and next FRBR/CRM meeting

Wed Jan 18 12:08:14 EET 2012

Dear all,
If events cannot be interrupted (which is not explicitly stated in the 
scope note for E5 Event), then are we right in saying in FRBRoo that 
performances "can be contiguous or not" (in the scope note for F31 
Performance)? Surely activities can be interrupted - at least I hope so 
for Goethe, whose writing of Faust is listed among the examples for E7 
Activity. He may not have stopped specifically on May 1st, but he 
certainly made breaks before he completed Faust.
By the way, while I'm looking again at the scope note for E5 Event, which 
defines events as "changes of states", I'm wondering whether the scope 
note for F29 Recording Event and the range of R20 recorded (was recorded 
through) are correct. The scope note says: "This class comprises 
activities that intend to convey (and preserve) the content of events in a 
recording [...]." Actually, a photograph may record a perdurant that is 
not necessarily a change of state (e.g., it can aim at recording an 
instance of E3 Condition State). As a consequence, I wonder whether the 
range of R20 should not be E2 Temporal Entity rather than E5 Event.
Apart from that, Martin's proposal for an excursion into Cretan nature P2 
has type E55 Type P149 is identified by E75 Conceptual Object Appellation 
{instance = 'most welcome'}.
Best wishes,

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Re: [Crm-sig] [Frbr-crm] Major conference on libraries and the Semantic 
Web, 26-27 April 2012, and next FRBR/CRM meeting

On 1/17/2012 1:44 PM, PATRICK.LE-BOEUF at bnf.fr wrote:
> Dear all,
> April 30 to May 3 in Heraklion is fine with me as well, except that it 
includes May 1st (Labour Day), which might be problematic for some of
> us. At any rate, if that instance of Time-Span is chosen, the instance 
of Place identified by Place Name 'Heraklion' is better than the
> instance of Place identified by Place Name 'Paris', as it would be 
virtually impossible to find a meeting room in Paris during the instance
> of Time-Span identified by Date 'May 1st'.
> All best wishes,
> Patrick
Dear All,

I would not mind to extend the meeting to May 4, leaving a gap on May 1, 
which either would make our meeting
two instances of E5 Event, since events cannot be interrupted, or we would 
regard it to be continuing in an adequate
social form of Type "inactivity" during May 1, or we actually use the 
chance to engage in an adequate frbr-crm excursion into Cretan nature,
as would be local custom?



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