[Crm-sig] [FRBR] Issues in the 1.0.1 definition

Jamie Norrish jamie at artefact.org.nz
Tue Jan 17 22:44:24 EET 2012

Sorry for posting this here rather than to frbr-crm, but I haven't
managed to be subscribed to that list.

In working on an implementation of FRBRoo in OWL, I've come across a few
mostly minor issues in the FRBRoo definition document, version 1.0.1,
that I didn't find mentioned in the mailing list archives. These are:

* Figure 6 has "R15 has component (is component of)"; this should be "R5
has component (is component of)".

* ":" after "Properties" is bold in F2 Expression.

* "Properties:" is bold in F5 Item.

* Missing ":" after "Examples" in F6 Concept.

* Extra space between "Equal to" and ":" in F13 Identifier.

* "R15 has fragment (is fragment of)" has Domain "F23 Expression
Fragment" and Range "F2 Expression". The examples use "R15 is fragment
of". In the section on mappings (3.3) the domain and range are reversed.
In Figure 12 it is called "R15 is fragment of (has fragment)". In Figure
6 and its associated text, it occurs as "R15 is fragment of (has
fragment)". Clearly the definition is incorrect, but whether it is the
name or the domain/range that need to be flipped is not at all clear!

Obviously only the last is of immediate concern.

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