[Crm-sig] Identity of information objects

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Jan 13 15:59:05 EET 2012

Dear colleagues,

This may find your interest:
We have developed a novel model how to deal with the identity of
information objects. The basic idea is, that the substance of an information
object lies in features of the sensory impression, the signal, a carrier of
an information object is intended to produce. We have shown that this approach
allows for exactly identifying the content of some important kinds of information objects,
independent if they are represented as digital files or printed on paper, as
one would intuitively expect. The surprising consequence of this definition is that
depending on the kinds of features under consideration, any information carrier
may be regarded to carry more than one information object at the same time.
see http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1201/1201.0385.pdf

I wonder if the "incorporates" property of FRBRoo should become part of the
CRM as a fundamental construct. I must admit that we had not yet the time to
check exactly the role of Symbolic Object versus Information Object in this model.

Best wishes,

Martin Doerr
Yanni Tzitzikas

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