[Crm-sig] Modelling commercial "products" within CRM?

Anna Jordanous anna.jordanous at kcl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 4 13:51:32 EET 2012

Hi Michael and the list,

My impression of FRBRoo is that the FRBRoo harmonisation is applicable 
to any Work which is published, particularly in publication runs. This 
is not just limited to Linguistic Objects, as shown by the documentation 
and examples for FRBRoo for e.g. F24_Publication_Expression, 
F26_Recording. So FRBRoo should be appropriate for your purposes?

I'm looking into FRBRoo to model medieval manuscripts which are 
replicated through (edited) copying by scribes. In fact I have a problem 
related to modelling published written works with FRBRoo. Hope you don't 
mind if I borrow your thread to ask the list about this:

    I would like to model information about physically existing
    manuscripts such as the Language a manuscript is written in, and
    record relationships between manuscripts such as if one manuscript
    is a translation of another. Therefore, I would like to treat a
    frbroo:Manifestation_Singleton (subclass of
    crm:Physical_Man-Made_Thing) as a crm:Linguistic_Object, which is
    down the crm:Conceptual_Object branch. However, ideally I want to
    avoid making a subclass of crm:Physical_Man-Made_Thing that is also
    a subclass of crm:Conceptual_Object (I know these two classes are
    not disjoint, but this union seems an unnatural one to make).

    The preferred approach, I assume, would be to abstract to the
    Expression represented in the Manifestation_Singleton, and then
    record language/translation information, but this seems somewhat

So essentially I am asking: is there a better way in CIDOC/FRBRoo to 
represent a physically existing Linguistic Object?
Would welcome any advice or thoughts on this,

Anna Jordanous
Research Associate
Centre for e-Research
King's College London
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On 20/12/2011 12:55, Michael Hopwood wrote:
> Hello again,
> For my second posting to this list I wanted to ask a related question 
> to my previous one: has anyone to your knowledge tried to model 
> commercial objects in CRM?
> I know that the FRBR(oo) harmonisation introduced many useful 
> distinctions relevant to published books, but, by analogy, the idea 
> here is whether you could equally well model commercially released 
> music (in CD format, or digital files), audiovisual (TV and features) 
> in DVD format, streaming media or downloads, or commercially available 
> images like stock photography, or “physical” prints of classic(al) 
> images like historic photographs or photos of art works?
> The main problem to be addressed seems to be that CIDOC-CRM aims to 
> describe unique objects, but commercial products are precisely 
> designed to be replicable and interchangeable.  I think FRBR(oo) 
> addresses this but is anyone else interested in developing this aspect 
> further?
> I wondered if there might be a possible “cross-over” for the cases of 
> commercially available cultural heritage items such as books published 
> for particular items or exhibitions/events by/in partnership with 
> institutions, replicas of iconic artefacts, the obvious prints of 
> photos of paintings, compilations of sound recordings from archives, 
> educational DVDs…? Does CRM already describe these adequately?
> Thanks,
> Michael Hopwood
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