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Mon Jan 2 11:21:28 EET 2012

Dear Chryssoula, and dear all,
I think that in CIDOC CRM too the range of P142 should be moved from E41 
Appellation to E90 Symbolic Object. As a consequence, R47 would not be a 
subproperty of P142, but R47 and P142 would be perfectly equivalent, since 
F40 Identifier Assignment is declared as equal to E15 Identifier 
Assignment. Two properties that have the same range and the domains of 
which are declared as equal are just one and the same property. The 
question is: do we still need to have two distinct properties, one in 
CIDOC CRM and one in FRBRoo? Surely we could just keep P142.
All best wishes,

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[Frbr-crm] R47 and P142 used constituent(was used in)

Dear All

Should the property "F40 Identifier Assignment.R47 used constituent(was 
used in): E90 Symbolic Object"  be subproperty of "E15 Identifier 
Assignment.P142 used constituent (was used in):E41 Appellation" and the 
should both of them have the same range E90 Symbolic Object?

best wishes


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