[Crm-sig] TPDL 2013 Workshop on CRM

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Wed Dec 12 14:58:50 EET 2012

Hi everyone!

I was at TPDL 2012 and I liked the conference.
I'd like to propose a TPDL 2013 workshop "Practical Experiences with CIDOC CRM".
But I've never organized a workshop before, so I'd need your help.
Please provide some feedback: does this sound like a good venue and topic, would you be interested in co-organizing or participating, what topics it should cover...

Thanks in advance! Vladimir

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> TPDL 2013 - Call for Workshop Proposals
> 17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
> 22-26 September 2013
> Valletta, Malta
> www.tpdl2013.info
> ---------------------------------------
> * Introduction *
> TPDL2013, the 17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of
> Digital Libraries, is organized by the University of Malta, in
> Valletta, Malta from 22 to 26 of September 2013. TPDL traditionally
> hosts workshops relevant to digital libraries and adjacent research
> areas and provides a forum of focused, interactive and engaging
> discussions for groups of researchers, societies and project teams.
> Workshops address challenging topics from the whole digital library
> spectrum that require special attention and aim at presenting
> innovative ideas and solutions, discussing the outcomes of on-going
> research projects and producing interesting results, such as workshop
> proceedings, publications, reports and white papers.
> The Organizing Committee of TPDL2013 invites interested individuals,
> research teams, societies and project groups to submit their proposals
> for workshops to be organized in the frame of the conference.
> * Proposals *
> Workshop proposers will be responsible for preparing a Call for
> Papers, structuring a Program Committee, publicizing the workshop and
> distributing the CfP, receiving and reviewing submissions, selecting
> the papers and producing the proceedings of the papers.
> In detail, a workshop proposal must include the following:
> * A concise title of the workshop.
> * The names and the affiliations of the organizers. The organizers
> should add a short biographical note with their areas of expertise and
> their experience in organizing workshops or related events.
> * Proposed duration of the workshop (half or full day).
> * An outline of the workshop?s objectives and targets. The outline
> should also address the importance of the workshop in view of the
> conference and its relevance to TPDL.
> * The expected participants in the workshop. If the workshop has been
> organized before, either in the frame of TPDL or any other conference,
> the organizers should also report the previous attendance, the
> outcomes, any post-workshop publication venue, etc.
> * A description of the workshop's theme, its main topics and the
> format (the number of papers, the number of invited speakers, type of
> activities (e.g., short paper presentation, invited talk, demo,
> poster, etc.), and an approximate timeline (breaks should be
> synchronized with scheduled breaks if possible.)
> * A description of the workshop processes, such as the peer review
> process, a tentative list of PC members that have agreed to serve the
> workshop, the timeline, advertisement, etc.
> * Submission *
> Workshop proposals should be maximum four (4) pages in length
> following the LNCS format (http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs) and
> they can be submitted in PDF format via email to the Workshop Chairs.
> Please use the Subject line "TPDL 2013 Workshop Proposal - XXXX",
> where XXXX is your workshop's title or acronym, when submitting.
> Upon submitting the workshop proposal, the proposers commit that in
> case the workshop is accepted, they will physically attend and
> coordinate the workshop.
> Each submitted proposal will be reviewed by the Workshop Chairs and
> the Workshop Committee with the approval of the Conference General
> Chairs and Program Chairs. Notification of acceptance will be sent via
> email to the workshop proposers by April 22, 2013.
> The selected Workshops will be organized on September 26, 2013, after
> the Main Track of the conference, in the Historic Buildings of
> University of Malta in Valletta, Malta. The Organizing Committee will
> provide substantial support in the area of logistics management,
> namely registration, catering, halls, infrastructure and -if
> requested- in post-event publication.
> * Important dates *
> Workshop submission deadline: March 4, 2013
> Acceptance notification: April 22, 2013
> Workshop date: September 26, 2013
> * More information *
> Inquiries can be sent to the Workshop Chairs Mounia Lalmas,
> mounia at acm.org and Laszlo Kovacs, laszlo.kovacs at sztaki.hu.
> More information about TPDL2013 is available at http://www.tpdl2013.info.

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