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Dear Wolfgang

On 3/12/2012 4:55 μμ, Wolfgang Schmidle wrote:
> Thanks! I am perfectly happy with a set theoretic explanation.
> The reason I had explicitly ruled out E55 was that according to its
> Scope note it comprises "terms from thesauri and controlled
> vocabularies". It seems to me that neither thesaurus nor controlled
> vocabulary applies in our case. There is a data field "Klassifizierung"
> with e.g. "Ideal Gottheit weiblich", but the Typus itself is described
> as e.g. "Aphrodite Kallipygos" or "Aphrodite Kyrene", which seems like
> an open list rather than a potentially exhaustive list. Or does our
> Typus list itself constitute a thesaurus or controlled vocabulary
> because at any given time it is a controlled list, even though a new
> Typus can be added at any time?
Yes,  "controlled list" only means that terms are controlled before they 
are entered,
to avoid redefinitions and other quality problems. In case a term is 
accompanied by a
description, we can always regard the list as "controlled".

May be there is an issue to extend the scope note.


> Wolfgang
> Am 03.12.12 14:55, schrieb martin:
>> Dear Wolfgang,
>> It is indeed E55 Type, in the German translation of the CRM "E55 Typus"
>> .  The crucial distinction for the CRM
>> are not the scholarly associations you refer to here, but the fact that
>> a "Typus" denotes a set ("Menge")
>> of things with the same characteristics, and not a particular object. An
>> "prototype" is a particular
>> object, which is a good representative of a particular "Typus", and
>> hence, not a Typus itself.
>>     The CRM does not go into analysis of Platonic concepts, that would not
>> be useful for such a simple information integration schema ;-) .
>> The CRM does not analyse further E55 Type, for instance into visual form
>> type, functional types, types
>> by construction principle etc., because this is not necessary to
>> integrate information about the same instance of
>> E55 Type.
>> Does that help?
>> Martin
>> On 3/12/2012 1:30 μμ, Wolfgang Schmidle wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> I am looking for the appropriate entity for "Typus" ("type", or maybe
>>> "archetype" or "prototype"). For example, a Greek sculpture creates a
>>> type that is imitated by Roman sculptures. However, Typus does not only
>>> apply to sculptures, and there may or may not be a physical prototype.
>>> Apparently it's not E55 Type. Candidates seem to be
>>> * E28 Conceptual Object
>>> ** E89 Propositional Object: "... conceptual items such as types and
>>> classes are not instances of E89 Propositional Object [but E55 Type?].
>>> This should not be confused with the definition of a type, which is
>>> indeed an instance of E89 Propositional Object."
>>> ** E90 Symbolic Object
>>> *** E73 Information Object
>>> **** E36 Visual Item: "This class does not intend to describe the
>>> idiosyncratic characteristics of an individual physical embodiment of a
>>> visual item, but the underlying prototype."
>>> ***** E38 Image: "The original painting of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
>>> may be said to bear the same instance of E38 Image as reproductions in
>>> the form of transparencies, postcards, posters or T-shirts ..."
>>> This example from E89 seems to fit: The underlying prototype of any
>>> “no-smoking” sign (E36). Does E36 apply to 3D objects as well?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Wolfgang
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