[Crm-sig] frad and families

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Sun Oct 23 23:01:00 EEST 2011

Dear all,
 From  FRAD 5.3.4 Relationships between Families

The relationship between one family and another that descended from the 
first or is the predecessor to the other.

       Progenitor Family
      |                    |
Descendent Family   Descendent Family

This is usually expressed in authority data through links between the 
authorized names given to each entity (see also references), 
cataloguer’s notes, and/or information notes:

The relationship between the family known as the House of Condé and the 
family known as the House of Conti which is descended from it.In CRM and 
thus in FRBRoo familes are modelled as groups.

E77 Persistent Item <=E39 Actor <=  E74 Group

The relationship between families as given in the example could be 
modelled as a transformation, would that make sense?

Since in CRM E74 group is used to model all kind of family relations 
between persons, it is of cause possible to model all relations between 
familes as groups of groups. However, to me this has a flavour of 
introducing a E1: P0 any relation E1 and a P0.1 type of relation.

Suggestions, comments?


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