[Crm-sig] Causation and events

Martin Scholz martin.scholz at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Oct 6 14:22:12 EEST 2011


how can causation be modeled between two events A and B?
The eruption of Vesuv (E5 Event) caused the destruction of Pompeii (E5).
A stabbing (E5 Event / E7 Activity) caused the death of X (E5).

As far as I can see, there is no direct way, i.e. no property for that.

In the last example P15 influenced could be applied if the stabbing is modeled 
as E7. But influence is weaker than if not different from causation. Also, it 
cannot be used for the first example, as P15 only applies to E7 Activities, not 
E5 Events in general. Is there a reason for that? Events could be influenced, 
too, for example a flood by a dam.
P20 had specific purpose again can only be applied to the last example. Although 
it implies causation, the meaning would shift to willful killing and exclude 
accidental death.

A circumscription would be to define an event C and state
C P10 contains A
C P10 contains B
A (P120 occurs before OR P119 meets in time with OR P116 starts) B
and infer that therefore there must be some causal connection between A and B.
But this is awkward and very indirect.

If there are no better solutions, I propose the introduction of a property
PXXX caused (domain & range: E5).

Martin Scholz

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