[Crm-sig] [cidoc-crm] Are there extant mappings of IPTC Core & Extension, PLUS fields and XMP to CIDOC-CRM?

Tony Gill tg at tonygill.com
Tue Nov 29 19:31:39 EET 2011

Hi Michael,

I'm not aware of any formal mappings of the CIDOC CRM to the IPTC Core 
fields, but Adobe has tacitly mapped many of the IPTC Core fields to 
Dublin Core in their XMP implementation (e.g. IPTC.Object_Name > 
DC.Title, IPTC.Caption > DC.Description, IPTC.Byline > DC.Creator etc.), 
and there is a mapping of the Dublin Core to the CIDOC CRM on the 
Mappings page of the website:



Tony Gill

On 11/29/2011 4:23 AM, Michael Hopwood wrote:
> Hello all,
> It's my first post to CRM-SIG so please go easy on me...
> I am looking at the feasibility (semantically and technically) of 
> mapping IPTC Core & Extension, PLUS fields and XMP (produced by 
> commercial companies) to the LIDO format (www.lido-schema.org/ 
> <http://www.lido-schema.org/>).
> As a first step I wondered if anyone had done the exercise of mapping 
> to CIDOC-CRM to demonstrate a basic level of compatibility?
> I am thinking the use cases in various types of commercial 
> organisation are quite different, even before considering the needs of 
> cultural heritage, but I hypothesise there may be some way to specify 
> how a generic heritage viewpoint might be served by these fields and 
> create "good enough" mappings.
> Any leads will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. Best wishes,
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