[Crm-sig] ISSUE: "P43 has dimension" should apply to E1 Entity, not E70 Thing

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Fri Nov 25 16:03:50 EET 2011

Your suggestion "measured as part of the sale event" means the sale is both
E8 Acquisition and E16 Measurement.
So instead of using a custom subProperty "rso:P43_has_dimension":
  <obj/2926> crm:P24i_changed_ownership_through <obj/2926/acquisition/1>.
  <obj/2926/acquisition/1> rso:P43_has_dimension

I should say the sale "observed_dimension" instead of "has_dimension":
 <obj/2926> crm:P24i_changed_ownership_through <obj/2926/acquisition/1>.
 <obj/2926> crm:P39i_was_measured_by <obj/2926/acquisition/1>.
 <obj/2926/acquisition/1> crm:P40_observed_dimension

Stephen, thanks for your feedback! I've fixed our mapping.


>> "Susanna Bathing" by Rembrandt was sold in 1758 by Snijers to Fierens on
>> for the *amount of 157 HFL (Holland Florins)*.
> not the event that has the dimension but the object: It has a value
> as part of the sale event.

I forgot the most direct observation: 
157 HFL is *not* the price of Susanna now (it's probably priceless, and HFL
doesn't even exist anymore as a currency).
Looking again at
this means the long-cut P39,P40 does *not* imply the shortcut P43. 
Every re-valuation (or sale) should be accumulated as E16 Measurement, 
but P43 "should" be overwritten with the most current Dimension resulting
from that measurement, since P43 is not historic.

I still think the examples I gave (esp from the domain of Physics and
Chemistry) have merit.

>> 18] how do you explain this: "P39 measured" points to E1, "P43
>> has dimension" is a shortcut thereof, but P43 points lower than E1.
> P43 represents the common shortcut observed in existing documentation
> that measure particular Things

So P43 is intended for a commonly observed situation, while its longcut P39
is intended for an uncommon situation?
You can Measure anything (even events), but you cannot state the resulting
Dimension directly?
I think that judging commonality is subjective business, so this is a shaky
cognitive ground...

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