[Crm-sig] disjointness (E31_Document vs E84_Information_Carrier)

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Wed Nov 23 13:57:21 EET 2011

M.Doerr> impossible combinations like E18-E28

I thought I'll get in trouble with my 3rd example :-)

> 3. Document as both conceptual thing (E31) and its physical embodiment (E84)
> (The db speaks about its location, size etc; so we need a physical thing)
> I hope it's not wrong to mix the two, they have a common parent: crm:E71_Man-Made_Thing
> <obj/2926/document/1> a crm:E31_Document, crm:E84_Information_Carrier;
>   crm:P128_carries <obj/2926/document/1>; # the physical document (E84) carries its conceptual self (E31)

I came up with the above crazy idea while mapping this info (excerpted for brevity):
            <doc.type>X-ray film</doc.type>
            <doc.whereabouts>Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis</doc.whereabouts>

I guess the right way is:
- either map to E84_Information_Carrier ONLY (not much conceptual info here!)
- or map to E84_Information_Carrier that P128_carries an E31_Document (and no properties in the E31_Document)

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