[Crm-sig] ISSUE: "P43 has dimension" should apply to E1 Entity, not E70 Thing

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Fri Nov 18 00:36:17 EET 2011

The painting "Susanna Bathing" by Rembrandt was sold in 1758 by Snijers to
Fierens on auction for the *amount of 157 HFL (Holland Florins)*.

For me the most natural way to model this is to say that the acquisition has
a dimension (being the price):

<obj/2926> crm:P24i_changed_ownership_through <obj/2926/acquisition/1>.
<obj/2926/acquisition/1> crm:P2_has_type rst-event:auction; 
  crm:P23_transferred_title_from rkd-person:P_J_Snijers;
  crm:P22_transferred_title_to rkd-person:Fierens.
  crm:P43_has_dimension <obj/2926/acquisition/1/price>.
  crm:P2_has_type rst-currency:;
  crm:P91_has_unit rst-currency:HFL;
  crm:P90_has_value 157 .

Unfortunately P43 is attached to E70 Thing, so I cannot do that. 
Temporal Entities (e.g. Events) cannot have dimensions in CRM (except
Duration: P83,P84 of E52 Time-Span). 
But there are many useful examples of dimensions for events, e.g.:
- from project management: cost, effort
- from risk management: probability, impact
- from accidents and dangerous goods: number of deaths, number injured, area
evacuated, number of people evacuated, quantity (and type) of good spilled,

I propose to lift "P43 has dimension" to E1 CRM Entity. 
In fact since "P39 measured" points to E1, and P43 is a shortcut, I believe
it is inconsistent for P43 to point lower than E1.

As an added benefit, it will be possible for all E39 Actors to have
dimension, e.g.: number of people in E74 Group

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