[Crm-sig] issue scope note of E32, sorry

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Thu Nov 10 13:07:34 EET 2011

The scope-note of E32 to be extended to cover KOS. The term KOS, 
Knowledge Organizing Systems is very wide. KOS is the system or method 
for organizing information and not the information itself. Thus KOS and 
SKOS are instances of E29 design or procedure. The content of a database 
using SKOS is an instance of E31 Document and may bbe an instance of E32 
Authority Document. Thus instances of KOS need not necessarily be 
confined to E32. We may use E31.  Since the issue was to extend E32, I 
give a draft scope note below. It should however, be discussed if the 
E31 should be used instead.

New scope note:

E32 Authority Document
Subclass of:   	E31 Document

Scope note:	This class comprises encyclopaedia, thesauri, authority 
lists, documents and instances of knowledge organizing systems that 
define terminology or conceptual systems for consistent use.

	Webster's Dictionary
	Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus
	the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model
	the GeoNames geographical database
P71 lists (is listed in): E1 CRM Entity


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