[Crm-sig] Integration of Coordinate Information in CIDOC CRM

Gerald Hiebel gerald.hiebel at uibk.ac.at
Mon Nov 7 16:08:14 EET 2011

Dear All,


Together with Øyvind Eide and Mark Fichtner I worked on a document outlining
the possibilities of the integration of Coordinate Information in CIDOC CRM.
We will present it at the next CRM SIG meeting in Amsterdam and I wanted to
send out a copy before, for anybody interested. 

There is no conclusion yet as we want to wait for the discussion within the


Kind regards,



Gerald Hiebel

Arbeitsbereich Vermessung und Geoinformation

Universität Innsbruck

Email: gerald.hiebel at uibk.ac.at

Tel.: +43 512 507 6760


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