[Crm-sig] CIDOC CRM in LD

Vladimir Ivanov nomemm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 11:01:52 EEST 2011

Dear All,

The OKD Project (data.kunstkamera.ru) was set up to provide access to
the CIDOC CRM triples based on the
"http://data.kunstkamera.ru/ontology/" + "CIDOC CRM ID" scheme

C.f. http://data.kunstkamera.ru/ontology/E77_Persistent_Item
(includes Russian, Greeek, etc. rdfs:labels)

One could also check the Sig.ma mashup service which is aware of the
following "file-based" versions of the CIDOC CRM
http://cidoc.ics.forth.gr/OWL/cidoc_v4.2.owl (RDF/XML)
http://purl.org/NET/cidoc-crm/core (Turtle, v. 5.0.1?)


Best regards,

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