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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 11 17:34:17 EEST 2011

On 11 Jul 2011, at 15:15, CARLISLE, Philip wrote:

> I think this is fine but if we are defining the labels of the property I would prefer.
> P81a	'end of the beginning'
> P81b	'start of the end'
> P82a	'start of the beginning'
> P82b	'end of the end'

absolutely, "the begin" is not an word in English, and there seems no good reason
not to make these normal English words, as Philip suggests above

Is the proposal to drop P82 and replace it with P82a and b? or leave both variants in place?
> Also how does this affect a period which could have differing start and end dates depending on its spatial location? - The Bronze Age in Greece and the UK both have a bronze age but the start and end of the Greek Bronze Age are early than that of the UK Bronze Age.
> Or is this not an issue for these properties?

this is a different issue, isn't it? you'll be managing the two bronze ages in some other way, and resolving them
eventually to E52s

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