[Crm-sig] Fwd: UK RDTF draft guidelines available for comment

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Feb 7 10:41:23 EET 2011

Dear All,

I forward this important guidelines to you. There is a call for comments on this page:

"For the record, the issues we are asking questions about mainly fall into the following areas:
        * does the suggestion to use FRBR and CIDOC CRM as the basis for modeling in RDF set the bar too high for libraries and museums?

It might be very helpful, if those of you applying the CRM with hands-on experience could
respond to this call.

(In particular, there still seems to be the silent assumption that using the CRM means
using all concepts....)

best wishes,


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Betreff: 	UK RDTF draft guidelines available for comment
Datum: 	Sun, 6 Feb 2011 21:22:23 +0100
Von: 	Makx Dekkers <makx at MAKXDEKKERS.COM>
Antwort an: 	Makx Dekkers <makx at MAKXDEKKERS.COM>

As announced last week, the draft metadata guidelines of the UK Resource Discovery Task Force are now available for comment. See the
announcement at http://efoundations.typepad.com/efoundations/2011/02/metadata-guidelines-for-the-uk-rdtf.html


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