[Crm-sig] ISSUE: P109 subp of P49

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Dear all
As the P49 description says has "custody of" and E78 collection talks about
an E39 Actor having "assembled and maintained"  it would be natural to
assume that the E39 Actor would have had custody off the items that made up
the E78 Collection but it is possible to have curatorial responsibility for
a set of objects that you have never actually had in your control for
instance landscapes, caves, archaeological sites or even conceivably large
I would therefore tend to the notion that normally one would use an instance
of each property  (P49 and P109) to describe the relationship between an
instance of E78 Collection and the instance of E39 Actor that curates it,
rather than always assuming that curation (P109) implies custody (P49).

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Dear All

Should be
E78 Collection.P109 has current or former curator.E39 Actor

subproperty of:

E18 Physical Thing.P49 has former or current keeper:E39 Actor ?

What do the experts say?




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