[Crm-sig] Karl-Heinz Lampe

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Sep 28 15:57:07 EEST 2010

Dear colleagues,

With great regret we have to announce the loss of Karl-Heinz Lampe, a good friend and lovely colleague, and one of the most
active members of CRM-SIG since 2002.

We owe Karl-Heinz the enthousiasm by which he made our work known far beyond this group and museums,
and the deep insight in the transdisciplinary requirements of future research. We begin to anticipate the international
impact his work had.

We will try to carry on his work.

   *Dr. Karl-Heinz Lampe (1953-2010)*

   It is with great regret that CIDOC announces the death of Dr Karl-Heinz Lampe. He was a keen advocate of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference
   Model and participated in both its development and use in natural history documentation. His work in the field of Biodiversity    	
   Informatics has been an inspiration for many as he toured the world helping professionals through education and joint projects. He was a
   founder member and chair of the Transdisciplinary Approaches in Documentation Working Group and was a keen and vocal advocate of multi-
   disciplinary research. He was also an entertaining and lively colleague who always brought a smile to long meetings and had a fund of
   stories from his travels that staved off boredom during long intervals in proceedings. We will all miss him and send our condolences to
   his family and friends.

   Stephen Stead

Martin Doerr

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