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Dear Martin,

Thanks for this wonderful news; we are indeed taken to a new level by the inclusion of Director Yu.

Your message was a bit confusing, asking "please vote" but then saying "objections to be expressed." Not clear what you want. I support the nomination.


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Dear all,

It is my particular pleasure to announce that

Director Yu of the
Data Center of State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the People’s Republic of China

expressed his interest to participate in CRM-SIG, with contact person Mrs Zhou Yu.

In recent years, China has launched the relevant work of historical relics’s digitization. In order to integrate the national 
cultural-historical information, the Center has made a series of standards which include 3 index groups, 33 classifications, 139 functional 
index fields. They will translate these standards into English as soon as possible, and exchange with us and expect to make an efforts for 
the standardized undertaking of CRM-SIG.

Any objections to be expressed by Wednesday May 19.

We are looking forward to a great and interesting collaboration with our
Chinese colleagues.




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