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Hi Martin et al
On the topic of linked data, we've just received UK AHRC funding for a 1 year project (STELLAR)  in collaboration with the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) and English Heritage, which will involve representing a selection of archaeological datasets as linked data, mapped and linked to the CRM (and the CRM-EH archaeological extension). The aim is to seek to generalise and extend the data extraction tool produced by previous STAR project to facilitate their use by third party data providers. 
http://hypermedia.research.glam.ac.uk/kos/stellar <mhtml:{7C4F2DD8-D217-4C79-A622-9E55CBC3F10D}mid://00000003/!x-usc:http://hypermedia.research.glam.ac.uk/kos/stellar> 
We'd be keen to keep in touch with CRM linked data developments and hopefully link to the relevant CRM entities in the published data.


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