[Crm-sig] CRM translation to Chinese under way

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Sun Jul 4 18:51:11 EEST 2010

Dear colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that the

Heritage Conservation Center of the National Heritage Board of Singapore
with the initiative of
Director Ms Loh Heng Noi

has granted a very generous funding to support the translation of the
CIDOC CRM version 5.0. to Chinese with the help of a professional
translator appointed by NHB under the lead of the
Heritage Conservation Center represented by deputy director
and member of the CIDOC Board, Ms Eng Eng Teh.

The translation team has taken up its work in March this year, with Prof. Jen-Shin Hong,
Chinese IT expert with intimate CRM knowledge, as reviewer and me as advisor.
The team has been extraordinarily effective using distant distributed collaboration
tools so that we are in the happy situation to announce that the translation should be
available before end of October 2010, in time to present the CIDOC CRM to the
Chinese speaking world in Shanghai. We hope that this will an valuable step to
bring the world heritage in form of museum information closer together.

With this occasion, I'd like to point out that a good translation of a text like the CRM
exceeds the abilities of a single translator or domain experts on its own. A
professional translator together with an IT expert as reviewer seems to be effective.
Even though I don't understand Chinese, my role has been to explain or rephrase
or propose synonyms for any term or section, which either partner felt not to
understand or for which the Chinese speaking experts disagreed about their interpretations
between them. Even though I cannot understand Chinese, the process gave all partners
much confidence in the excellence of the work done.

Furthermore, the process revealed a bunch of imprecise and ambiguous statements, that we could
correct rapidly in the original English text, as you may have observed from my messages
the past months.

In the name of the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group we thank very much
Director Noi and the translation team,


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