[Crm-sig] CRM-based STAR Research Demonstrator now online

Tudhope D S (AT) dstudhope at glam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 22:12:26 EET 2010

A STAR project research Demonstrator is now online

STAR (Semantic Technologies for Archaeological Resources)
 is a collaborative project with English Heritage which cross
searches archaeological datasets and grey literature making use of the
the CRM and the EH extension (CRM-EH) and also SKOS vocabularies.

It's best to read the demonstrator home page first - it explains the
interface with live examples and gives sample queries. It also
discusses the aims and scope of the research demonstrator. A second
version of the NLP grey literature extraction is planned in a few
months after further evaluation. (Any bookmark should be made to the
home page since the server location may change in future.)



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