[Crm-sig] Issue R4 - P148 - P130

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Sun Dec 12 16:08:01 EET 2010

Dear All,

I believe R14 should not be subproperty of P148:

<rdf:Property rdf:ID="R14F.incorporates">
This property associates an instance of F22 Self-Contained Expression with an instance of F2 Expression that was included in it and that is 
a realisation of an independent work. The incorporated expression may be self-contained or fragmentary.
This property makes it possible to recognise the autonomous status of the incorporated expression, which was created in a distinct context, 
and can be incorporated in many distinct self-contained expressions, and to highlight the difference between structural and accidental 
whole-part relationships between conceptual entities.
It accounts for many cultural facts that are quite frequent and significant: the inclusion of a poem in an anthology, the re-use of an 
operatic aria in a new opera, the use of a reproduction of a painting for a book cover or a CD booklet, the integration of textual 
quotations, the presence of lyrics in a song that sets those lyrics to music, the presence of the text of a play in a movie based on that 
play, etc.
<rdfs:domain rdf:resource="#F22.Self-Contained_Expression"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="#F2.Expression"/>
<rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:resource="http://www.cidoc-crm.org/rdfs/cidoc_crm_v5.0.2_english_label.rdfs#P148F.has_component"/>

but of "crm:P130 shows features of", or both.

Please comment.



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