[Crm-sig] ESWC2011 Special Track on Digital Libraries Reminder

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Dec 7 18:11:50 EET 2010

Dear colleagues,

The deadline for paper submissions for the ESWC2011 Special Track on Digital Libraries,
http://www.eswc2011.org/content/cfp, December 13 is approaching. Please distribute this call
to your colleagues as appropriate. Apologies for cross-posting.

Special Track: Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries are fast becoming significant resources for the world’s knowledge. Even though a lot of their content is already 
accessible via harvesting to the visible Web, much more could be exploited, and better exploited, through the Semantic Web. Often, Digital 
Libraries focus on particular disciplinary and subject areas and constitute curated knowledge. Semantic Web technologies for digital 
libraries will therefore take advantage of much richer assumptions on domain-specific semantics, consistency and quality of content. Digital 
Library research often focuses on creating ‘core’ finding aids, but content and metadata are a source of semantic relationships that can be 
exploited for far richer, intelligent information services. Searching information to solve a research question is much more than filling a 
query-by-example form for the most relevant document. Harvesting protocols currently capture only a small part of the metadata, and the 
collected item level metadata may miss important facts from the context that holds for the collections as wholes. Content and metadata not 
only refer to categorical subjects, but much more they refer and corefer to billions of things, people, places and events. The global 
co-reference management of entities with explicit identity(ies) only in local contexts is a major challenge for the future, which will 
ultimately turn object collections into integrated knowledge resources. This includes - but goes far beyond - opening Digital Libraries to 
Linked Data. Particular topics of relevance are

     * Digital Libraries requirements for the Semantic Web and semantic technologies in Digital Libraries
     * Ontologies for metadata integration
     * Adequacy of metadata schemata/ontologies for research questions
     * Core ontologies and community-specific extensions
     * Deductions from complex data paths in semantic metadata relationships, such as detecting co-author clusters
     * Inferences between collection-level and item-level metadata – property inheritance from wholes to parts and vice-versa
     * Effective querying of an ‘Open World’ of incomplete metadata, such as distinguishing ‘positive hits’ versus ‘possible hits’
     * Abstracting rich metadata for retrieval: how to close the recall gap between keyword search and ‘advanced search’
     * Automatic metadata generation
     * Metadata transformation, metadata enhancement
     * Digital provenance models and digital provenance metadata generation
     * Reasoning on digital provenance: property inheritance by derivatives from primary digital creation, garbage collection in derivative 
sets etc.
     * Authenticity, digital provenance and long-term preservation
     * Exploiting digital provenance for digital rights management
     * Automatic detection of co-reference to people, places, events, things
     * Manual, Web 2.0-style, community-driven co-reference detection
     * Large-scale distributed co-reference management and integration with authority services.

Important Dates
Deadline information refers to 11:59 pm Hawaii time.

     * EXTENDED Abstract submission: December 13, 2010
     * Full-paper submission: December 13, 2010
     * Notification of acceptance/rejection: February 21, 2011
     * Camera-ready papers: March 7, 2011


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