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Wed Apr 21 13:32:05 EEST 2010

Dear All,

The phrase in "Objectives of the CIDOC CRM"

"It intends to provide an optimal analysis of the intellectual structure of cultural documentation in logical terms. As such, it is not
optimised to implementation-specific storage and processing aspects. Rather, it provides the means to understand the effects of such
optimisations to the semantic accessibility of the respective contents"

...seems to be extremely shorthand for a very important issue.

My quick explanation to colleagues:

"This is a sort of normalization-denormalization issue. The CRM provides a semantically normalized form, for instance that each proposition
can be read out of context. In order to reduce joins, one may shortcut structures into flat lists of fields. Then we loose some meaning, or
the meaning in more indirectly connected, for instance :"father-mother, birthday, birthplace" misses the birth event. Representation of
twins need then context specific rules. The CRM allows for formulating such rules in a common language, and hence to understand the effects
of the denormalization for optimisation."

Any proposal for a more verbose form?




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