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Anybody got some material that would help Anja. She is particularly
interested in integration between different disciplines. I think she wants
to talk/correspond with people to explore the issues encountered etc.
Volunteers can get in touch via me or send me papers or references for her
to read.
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Subject: CIDOC
Hey Stephen,
I hope you remember me. We met at the HiMAT conference in Innsbruck and the
workshop in Vienna last year. I just want to ask you for some information
about CIDOC. 
I still plan to write my PhD about CIDOC and how to integrate data (from
botany, history and archaeology concerning mining) in CIDOC. Therefore I
need some people already using CIDOC because I want to know the structure of
their data respectively their data bases. Do you know some people? Or do you
use it yourself? And can you give me a contact address for the people in
Copenhagen (National Museum) working with CIDOC please because I can't find
any information about them although I know that they work with the CRM. 
I would be really pleased if you could give me further information regarding
this topic.
Best regards,
Anja Masur
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