[Crm-sig] real-world applications of the CIDOC CRM

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Wed Oct 28 12:00:45 EET 2009

Dear Vladimir
We use the CRM in a documentation application for archaeology, see
and in variant of this for process oriented art history. For the latter 
I don't have any written documentation except internal in Norwegian.


On 27.10.2009 21:22, stuart yeates wrote:
> Vladimir Ivanov wrote:
>> Thanks a lot, Stuart!
>> Your work is good!
>> As I understand, you used
>> 1. TEI as a markup language.
>> 2. CIDOC CRM classes (Place, People, Organisations etc.)
>> and properties (Title, Author, Part_of, Subject etc) as internal
>> (top-level) topic map
> CIDOC CRM is also used for the intra-document pages. We have an 
> automated page-breaking algorithm which supports complex non-linear 
> text, including parallel translations (typically these are published in 
> book form as facing-page translations) (see for example 
> http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-GorLaws-t1-g1-t1-body1-d3-d1-d7.html) 
> and discontinuous text (i.e. complex magazine spreads) (see for example 
> http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-NZIA1998_10HaB-t1-body-d27.html). 
> Each page and the entire browse structure is stored in CIDOC CRM
> TEI is important because it gives us the flexibility to represent 
> characters that don't meet the criteria for inclusion in Unicode (See 
> for example 
> http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-Auc1911NgaM-t1-body-d4.html). We 
> do quite a lot of name markup in the running text (See for example 
> http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-JCB-001.html).
>> Why not using CIDOC entities and TEI in a search interface/form?
> I'm not quite sure what you mean here.
> We're currently completely rebuilding our search, with faceted search 
> using solr.
> We're considering moving from a topic map representation of CIDOC CRM to 
> an RDF one.
> cheers
> stuart
>> Best regards,
>> Vladimir
>> 2009/10/27 stuart yeates <stuart.yeates at vuw.ac.nz>:
>>> We use CIDOC CRM (in their topic map incarnation) extensively.
>>> We're a produce high-end digitisations of New Zealand texts. See
>>> http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-corpus.html
>>> Every page on our website, personal name, subject, etc, etc, etc, is a topic
>>> map topic.
>>> cheers
>>> stuart
>>> Vladimir Ivanov wrote:
>>>> Dear All,
>>>> Our group intends to apply the CIDOC CRM
>>>> in one of a major Russian museums
>>>> (goals: on-line catalog, semantic search, integration etc.).
>>>> I am about to find applications of the CIDOC CRM in on-line catalogs,
>>>> in order to show and explain best practices.
>>>> Would someone point me to (2-3) real-world applications, please.
>>>> (except the corresponding web-page (aka "applications") at the CIDOC
>>>> CRM homepage)
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Vladimir
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