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A belated response to your request for real world applications of CIDOC
CRM (apologies, just catching up on email)

The STAR Project (Semantic Technologies for Archaeological Resources)
uses the CRM as an umbrella framework for cross searching different
archaeological datasets and the grey literature.

We make use of the English Heritage extension to the CRM (CRMEH) for
modelling archaeological processes. The project has developed various
web services for accessing the CRM and related archaeological thesauri,
along with a demonstrator for cross searching. The ECDL 2008 paper gives
an overview - http://hypermedia.research.glam.ac.uk/publications/ 



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Hi All,

Recently I have asked for real-world applications of the CIDOC CRM.
Thanks a lot to all the people answered my call!

We're writing some kind of a guide to CIDOC CRM
(for Russian museum community) with the following parts:

1) Introduction (museum data integration: problems, approaches,
metadata standards etc.)
2) The CIDOC CRM (English, Russian labels and Scope notes)
3) Applications of the CIDOC CRM (semantic web perspective, variety of
real-world applications...)

I think part 3 is a good place to mention all those real-world
Please, contact me if you won't publish a reference to your work,
or if you would like to read final version of the guide (in Russian).

Best regards,


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Dear All,

the CRM Website now has its final URL, as decided, long expected:

The "official" RDF namespace is now:


Need now to assign persistent URIs to CRM Concepts, such as


and define the server response.

Please comment.



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