[Crm-sig] applications of the CIDOC CRM

Vladimir Ivanov nomemm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 12:23:03 EET 2009

Hi All,

Recently I have asked for real-world applications of the CIDOC CRM.
Thanks a lot to all the people answered my call!

We're writing some kind of a guide to CIDOC CRM
(for Russian museum community) with the following parts:

1) Introduction (museum data integration: problems, approaches,
metadata standards etc.)
2) The CIDOC CRM (English, Russian labels and Scope notes)
3) Applications of the CIDOC CRM (semantic web perspective, variety of
real-world applications...)

I think part 3 is a good place to mention all those real-world applications.
Please, contact me if you won't publish a reference to your work,
or if you would like to read final version of the guide (in Russian).

Best regards,

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