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Hi Matthew,

"execution was intended for (is intended execution time of) : E52 Time-Span"

subproperty of "refers to".

"This property associates an Activity Plan with the future time-span the planned activity was
intended to be executed. An Activity Plan may or may not foresee a particular future time-span
of execution."

Example: Planning an exhibition for certain dates.

May be we should also provide a link to the venue, and the items to be present?

Does that make sense?



Matthew Stiff wrote:
> Hello Martin (and sorry for long silence!) :-)
> I think this is really useful. One observation is that in practice "Activity
> Plans" are often dusted down and reused, but in doing so they have to be
> checked against their applicability to each instance of an activity so to
> all intents and purposes they are "new" plans.
> I genuinely don't understand what you mean by the second of your proposed
> properties - Could you provide a scope note and an example for this and I
> will try to think if there is a clearer way of expressing it? 
> Best wishes, 
> Matthew
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> Dear All,
> I wonder if we should introduce a class "Activity Plan" IsA E29 Design or
> Procedure:
> Scope note:
> This class comprises plans to execute instances of E7 Activity in some
> foreseen future. The planned
> activities may have any degree of complexity or elaboration. Plans may be
> made with or without intention
> to execute them, or the intention to execute them may be abandon before
> their execution. The actual
> intention to stick to a plan could be seen as a kind of activity using the
> plan.
> Properties:
> "planned to execute activity of type(is type of activity planned by): E55
> Type"
> "execution was intended for (is intended execution time of) : E52 Time-Span"
> I believe this simple model would close the known gap of the CRM to the
> whole world of planning,
> we have so far not addressed, but nevertheless is an integral part also of
> historical reasoning.
> Comments welcome.
> Martin


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