[Crm-sig] TEI Ontologies SIG workshop

Oyvind Eide oyvind.eide at kcl.ac.uk
Thu May 21 01:27:39 EEST 2009

Dear all,

The TEI Ontologies SIG is planning a workshop in connection to the TEI  
meeting this year. The dates will probably be November 9-11. More  
about the TEI meeting here: http://www.lib.umich.edu/spo/teimeeting09/

We will issue calls for presentations and participation in a few  
weeks. They will be cross-posted to this list. For those of you  
interested in following the discussion on the TEI Ontologies SIG  
mailing list, instructions for subscription can be found here: http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SIG/Ontologies/

The following grant proposal, that was accepted by the TEI consortium  
a few days ago, gives more information about the planned workshop:

Grant proposal from TEI Ontologies SIG

1. Name and contact details of proposer

The proposers are the conveners of the SIG:

Øyvind Eide, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College  
London. Phone:
(+47) 92 20 98 59. Email: oyvind.eide at kcl.ac.uk

Christian-Emil Ore, Unit for Digital Documentation, University of  
Oslo, Phone: (+47) 22
85 69 68. Email: c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no

2. SIG name

TEI Ontologies SIG.

3. Narrative addressing the points above

In the last few years, the TEI Ontologies SIG has been working on how  
world knowledge
is expressed in TEI documents, in connection to other standards such  
and FRBR. This work has been reported in the meetings of the SIG as  
documented on the
SIG Wiki (http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/SIG:Ontologies). In addition  
to the papers listed
on the Wiki, an article titled “TEI and cultural heritage ontologies:  
Exchange of
information?” will shortly appear on the Literary and Linguistic  
Computing Advance
Access web page. Members of the SIG are currently preparing a document  
based in this
article in which some changes to TEI P5 will be proposed. A  
representative from the SIG
took part in the development of the new chapter 13 in TEI P5.

As agreed at the SIG meeting in November 2007, an important next step  
will be to “start
on the development of guidelines for how to create TEI documents that  
easily may be
mapped to ontologies such as the CIDOC-CRM”. We propose a workshop in  
with the TEI meeting in November 2009 that will result in such a set  
of guidelines.

The workshop will include several presentations from projects and  
experienced in the field. Specifically, we want to build on results  
from projects in which
similar types of mappings have been done. We will identify the types  
of information
present in the TEI documents that can be mapped based on their markup,  
and the types of
information that is missing because of lack of markup. What are the  
changes that should
be done to the original documents in order to provide for better  

Based on the work at the workshop, a set of guidelines for how to  
create TEI documents
that will be suitable for mapping into ontologies such as CIDOC-CRM  
and FRBR will be
drafted. The SIG conveners will be responsible for finalizing the  
guidelines, with support
from the rest of the SIG, by December 10. The guidelines will be  
delivered as an ODD

The reason for the choice of time and place for this workshop is that  
many potential
workshop participants will be available because of the TEI meeting.  
Nevertheless, it may
be difficult for some participants to lengthen their stay for several  
days. Therefore, we
apply for some funds that will support extended accommodation for  
participants having
difficulties with their funding. We also apply for support for coffee/ 
tea and fruit for
breaks during the workshop.

We will try to find other sources of funding to extend the support for  
especially younger
scholars in order to cover (parts of) their travel expenses as well.
All other expenses, including the working time spent on preparation,  
the workshop itself,
and the writing of the guidelines, will be covered by the participants  
themselves. A room
will be provided by the local TEI meeting organisers for free.

The workshop will be open to everyone, but we will specifically  
welcome representatives
for relevant projects and from related standards to make presentations  
and take part in the
discussion. We would also need participants with thorough knowledge of  
TEI and the
XML family of standards. We hope to be able to gather at least 10-15  

4. Amount requested

We apply for US $ 1,035, based on the budget below. If more funds are  
available, we
would be happy to provide further support for travel and  
accommodation. A smaller
contribution will be helpful as well.

Budget (in US $):

Accommodation support 3 nights for 3 persons: $90*3*3:  $ 810
Coffee/tea and fruit for 3 breaks for 15 persons: $5*3*15 $ 225
Total: $ 1,035

5. Date for final report

December 10, 2009.

Kind regards,

Øyvind Eide

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