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  8th European Conference on Digital Archiving in Geneva, Switzerland 28 - 30 April 2010 Swiss Federal Archives, Bern
  Under the patronage of Federal Councillor Pascal Couchepin, the 8th European Conference on Digital
  Archiving is to be held in Geneva from 28 to 30 April 2010. It is organised by the Swiss Federal Archives
  together with the European Regional Branch and Professional Associations
  Section of the International Council on Archives (ICA).
Digital archiving has been a key issue for archivists for more than two decades. It has long been apparent
  that the rapid advances in information and communications technology are not only changing
  methods of archiving, but also call into question fundamental principles of archiving.
In recent years, major investments have been made in research, resulting not
  only in new applications but also in extensive literature on the theory of archiving. We are now aware
  of the advantages and risks of electronic archiving, and have devised operational solutions.
Nonetheless, many archives are confronted with the need to make fundamental
  strategic decisions. A constant exchange of knowledge and experiences is needed more than ever, so
  that all European archives can successfully take this vital step into the digital age and devise
  sustainable solutions for the future, without turning their backs on their traditions. This is the
  central theme of the Geneva Conference.
The programme will focus on the following four issues.
>From the 1st of May 2009 it will be possible to submit abstracts for the following topics:
1. Archival profile: professional competence in the digital age
  2. What to keep: how to mirror the information society
  3. E-Archiving: reorganisation of processes and business models
  4. Online access: solutions and implications
Abstract submission will be possible online from the 1st of May 2009. You will find a web-based
  form and further details at www.bar.admin.ch/eca2010 (Submission deadline: 31 August 2009)
  Ms. Aino Heikkinen
  Ylitarkastaja, Senior Research Officer
  Kansallisarkisto, National Archives of Finland
  email: aino.heikkinen at narc.fi
  tel: +358-50-552 1756

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