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Sean Gillies wrote:
> The properties that relate these are not clear to me from the 5.01  
> CIDOC CRM definition. Can a digital image of an inscription (or  
> writing, etc) be said to "depict" (P62) the text, or is there  
> necessarily an intermediary object (stone, paper) that carries the  
> text and which is depicted or shown in the image?
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Dear Sean,

A Digital Image of an Inscription should be an

  E25 Man-Made Feature P65 shows visual item (is shown by)E38 Image P106 is composed of (forms part of) E34 Inscription

Only physical things have the property "depicts", so P62 is not applicable to E38.
The constraints in the CRM do not exclude to use E25 - P62 -E34, but obviously, since
there is a class "Inscription" more directly related via P65, the former would not be an
intended model.

"Inscription" is regarded to be the text as it appears on the object.

The relationship between an image (immaterial) and a text (immaterial) on the image is more tricky.
One can regard the text as a part of the conceptual content of the image (E90), not of its symbolic form (bytes).

See also http://cidoc.ics.forth.gr/frbr_drafts.html, FRBRoo version 1.0, "R14 incorporates".

There is a fuzzy transition between a digital image, a drawing and a transcript of an inscription, i'd interpret
as an "incorporation" relationship.




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